Guided tour with Curator Beth Boyce

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Saturday, September 29th, 2018

“It’s a non-lecture lecture,” explains Museum curator Beth Boyce, referring to the talk she is hosting at the Museum at Campbell River on the afternoon of September 29.  As part of the Museum’s Diamond Lecture series that celebrates their 60th Anniversary, three lectures are scheduled for the fall.  The first is about the new exhibit, 60: Collected Stories from the Museum at Campbell River, the second focuses on the history of the Museum itself, and the third will look at the last sixty years of Campbell River’s history.  Because the first talk is about the exhibit currently on display, it will be delivered as a guided walk through the exhibit with the curator.  “Behind the scenes details will be shared, and participants will be invited to ask questions along the way”, explains Boyce.  The new exhibit’s focus is on storytelling, and specifically the stories behind sixty of the Museum’s artifacts.  Boyce spent nearly a year preparing for this exhibit, choosing the items to be featured, exploring some of the more interesting, and often fascinating, tales hidden in the Museum’s vaults.  

The tour will take place on Saturday, September 29 at 1pm at the Museum at Campbell River.  The cost is $7 per person.  For more information on this talk or on other coming events you can see the Museum’s website, or call 250-287-3103.