Sixty Remarkable Places to Discover with Jeanette Taylor

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Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Local historian and author Jeanette Taylor will give a slide show featuring sixty fascinating and beautiful spots that lie within the Museum's collection area, which included all of north Vancouver Island and the adjacent islands and mainland inlets. Each is truly remarkable--not just for what happened there in the past, but for what remains. And, of course, I'll tell some lively stories about the people of the past--and present.

Among the highlights are: the mountains and river estuaries of Bute Inlet; the wildflowers and birds on Mitlenatch Island; Kingcome Inlet's vast delta and waterfalls; the bighouse and totem remains on Village Island, in the Broughtons; the pebble beaches of Yuquot, at Nootka Sound; the contemporary totems and carvings at Fort Rupert, on north Vancouver Island; the hidden 1890s grave for two children on Redonda Island; the dilapidated boat houses overhanging Sointula's beaches; Sointula's whale rubbing beach; the old mine at Suquash, near Port Hardy; Ripple Rock; and more!

The talk is from 1-2:30pm.  The cost is $7 and it is a part of the Museum's Diamond Lecture Series.