Technology Week

For Technology Week July 14-18, 2020, we are featuring a Baikie Island Nature Reserve Scavenger Hunt. To learn more about the history of Baikie Island and how it became the nature reserve it is today, check out the scavenger hunt!  Check out our Facebook Page during technology week to get a copy of the scavenger hunt.

(and in case you wanted to know more, this spring the Museum had an article in Strathcona Collective Magazine about the restoration of the Campbell River estuary)

We also have a colouring sheet of the Museum’s beloved steam donkey!

Steam Donkey colouring sheet

Come by the Museum to see the beast in person, or watch a short clip of the Steam Donkey in full operation.

We’re also highlighting the Greenways Land Trust’s Ripple Rock Trail Map: hike the trail to see the passageway where the deadly Ripple Rock once hid. We’ll be discussing the technological feat that was the explosion of Ripple Rock for this week’s Feature Friday. 

Finally, there is a technology scavenger hunt to do in the gallery! Visit the Museum to learn more about technology from our history.

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