Haig-Brown House Summer Programming

This summer we welcome you to explore the Haig-Brown House – virtually through some of our programming, or outdoors on the grounds.  Check back here throughout the summer of 2020 for videos and activities.

Alison’s Fishing Birds by Roderick Haig-Brown

When one thinks of the writings of Roderick Haig-Brown, the first thing to come to mind is not usually “children’s author,” more likely it is conservationist, author, fly-fisherman, or maybe even local magistrate. However, he did write one very delightful story specifically for young children. 

Although it was not published in his lifetime, it has recently been released in new edition by Caitlin Press. Beautifully illustrated by Sheryl McDougald, and with linocuts by Jim Rimmer, it follows along with a young girl named Alison, who lives next to the Campbell River “in a little brown house with pale blue trim.” Sound familiar? She is a curious little girl, who discovers the busy lives of the fishing birds of the river and shares their stories.

Valerie Haig-Brown wrote a the preface to the book,

“Alison’s Fishing Birds was my personal high point. I had never read it before (though possibly it was read to me) and I could not help being thoroughly charmed, both as an editor and a daughter.”
— Preface by Valerie Haig-Brown, editor

This year the Museum’s Roderick Haig-Brown puppet will be doing filmed readings from Alison’s Fishing Birds from the study at the Haig-Brown Heritage House as one of the Museum’s summer 2020 digital program offerings.  The series is titled “Reading with Roddy.” Check in to the Museum Puppet’s Facebook Page to see when the videos are available to view. You can follow along at home, the book is on sale at the Museum shop for 30% off.

The Museum’s curator, and her curious 4 year old son, have been enjoying reading the stories thoroughly and are planning a visit to the grounds at the Haig-Brown Heritage House and the Campbell River to see if they too can see spot of these fascinating birds who live and fish along the river. 

When next you visit the house, be sure to take along this fun scavenger hunt to help you explore the beautiful heritage property.

HB Scavenger Hunt 

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