Pet Week

July 20-26 is Pet Week! This event is happening on our blog, on our You Tube Channel, and on our Facebook Page!

Monday: Animal Scavenger Hunt Gallery – come in to the Museum to get this fun scavenger hunt!

Wilderness Wednesday: For pet week, this Wilderness Wednesday is focusing on the animals around us. We have another reading from conservationist and writer Roderick Haig-Brown’s children’s book, Alison’s Fishing Birds. This chapter tells the story of Alison and her encounter with a very snarky Dipper.

You can also learn more about the animals in our area by learning their Kwak’wala names! You can learn some Kwak’wala and Liq’wala names for animals in this Video, titled Gəlgaʔomas by Easy Lessons in Liw’wala/Kwak’wala, or by colouring out new colouring page!

Native animals colouring sheet

But kids don’t have to have all the fun. We’re holding a Polly the Parrot colouring contest! Download a colouring sheet of Polly the Parrot in the Willows Hotel, colour it in, and submit a photo of your artwork to by July 29th to win a Family Membership. We will announce the winning colouring sheet on August 1st.  Keep an eye on our YouTube channel to watch a video on the Life and Times of Polly the Parrot for Feature Friday.

Don’t forget, the Museum is always free to locals on Wednesdays. Come find all the animals in the gallery with our Pet Week gallery scavenger hunt.

Fridays: This Feature Friday is loaded with features on some of the great pets in Campbell River’s history.

Watch Lord Bacon and his dog, Man, discuss philosophy, poetry, and life on the West Coast.

We’re also highlighting another great video from Easy Lessons in Liw’wala/Kwak’wala titled The Brave Pig of Salmon River which is a reading from The Brave Pig by Harry Moon.

Discover the importance of pets on the North Island in our slideshow video from the exhibition Animals Among Us, curated and written by Museum at Campbell River Curator, Beth Boyce.

Finally, learn more about Polly the Parrot and her life at the Willow’s Hotel in a short video on the Life and Times of Polly the Parrot. Don’t forget to enter the Polly the Parrot colouring contest! Deadline for submissions is July 29th.

Polly the parrot adult competition

Polly colouring sheet kidssome 

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