Art Week

For the week of July 26 to August 2, 2020, the Museum Summer Programs present Art Week!


Fred Nunns’ Interview with Mayor Adams

Tune in to Fred Nunns interviewing Mayor Adams over ZOOM. They will discuss what life was like in Campbell River during both the Spanish Flu back in 1918 and our present-day COVID-19 pandemic. Be prepared for some old-fashioned advice from Fred as he speaks to us from the Willows Hotel, and don’t forget to invest some flu-preventing socks! 


Sybil’s Story Puppet Show

Sybil Andrews, a famous artist, looks for inspiration for her next linocut while exploring Campbell River. 

Wilderness Wednesday 

The Heron  from Alison’s Fishing Birds

This week’s episode of ‘Reading with Roddy’ features “the most skillful” of Alison’s fishing birds: the Heron. Follow along with the Roderick Haig-Brown puppet as he recounts Alison’s experience watching “old Walk-up-the-Creek” catch fish along the Campbell River. 

We also have some colouring sheets from Alison’s Birds that you can print out this week!
Colouring pages


Roderick Haig-Brown Learns to Love Cows Puppet Show

Roderick Haig-Brown moves to his new home in Campbell River, but there’s a problem – he has to milk Reg Pidcock’s herd of cows! Will Roderick be able to tame the scariest cow of them all? 

Feature Friday 

Sybil Andrews: Inspiration & Technique

Make sure to visit our YouTube page to learn more about Sybil Andrews and the influence her art had on Campbell River and its residents. Explore the pieces of Sybil’s past that made her such an influential teacher and eccentric artist, from the butter boxes her students used to store their tools to her famous tea set. 

If you’d like to learn more about Sybil’s story, we recommend a very comprehensive graphic novel called See With Your Own Eyes by Laura Ellyn. The book is available for purchase in the Museum’s Shop! 

 Feature Friday Video Recommendations

Finally, we recommend watching the following documentaries: 

Learning from the Master: The Legacy of Sam Henderson ( features Sam Henderson, a Kwakwaka’wakw master carver, who carved the Kwakiutl Bear Pole in 1966. 

Maker of Monsters: The Extraordinary Life of Beau Dick ( ) describes the influential story of another master carver, Beau Dick, and his legacy on the Northwest coast. 

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