Logging Week

The week of August 10-16, the Museum at Campbell River Summer Programming present Logging Week!  Discover the meaning of “Wild West” through logging week! We’re featuring videos, puppet shows, colouring sheets, and documentaries about Camp Life, logging equipment, and stories from our not-so-distant relatives about this recent past.


Growing up in Camp 5

We have a lot to learn from our Grandparents, and interviewing them is a great way to learn more about what life was like while they were growing up! Heritage Interpreter Beth Scholfield sat down with her Grandma, Tina, to hear about her time growing up in a logging camp here on the North Island.

We want to hear from you! Interview your grandparents and share with us what you learned on social media, or email us at summer.programs@crmuseum.ca


Logging Camp Mystery

It’s Puppet Time! Jack and Charlie try to figure out who has been stealing all the beans from their logging camp. Was it a ghost? A bear? A squirrel?! Let’s find out.


This Wilderness Wednesday, download our Tree ID coloring sheet to help you learn the names and uses of the most common trees on the North Island in English and Kwak’wala.

Tree terms colouring sheet

You can also download our logger colouring sheet here.

Logger sheet pdf

We also have another chapter from the Reading with Roddy series about the merganser. Did you know that Roderick Haig-Brown was not only an author and a fisherman, but a conservationist too? Try being a farmer, writer, and judge these days!

In this chapter of Allison’s Fishing Birds, the Roderick Haig-Brown puppet reads to us about his favorite duck, the merganser.


Skookum Sam

It’s time for another Puppet Show! Sam goes out for a day of work, but his boss tells him he’ll be replaced by a machine. Feeling challenged, Sam goes to fell the biggest tree and climbs it despite the brewing storm.


This Feature Friday, we have some short videos for your Friday movie night.

Learn about the first 60 years of logging in the region in this video from our Educational Programming department, titled “Logging History of the Campbell River Area.”

This animated short film from the National Film Board’s vignette series tells the story of a logger working off the British Colombia Coast. https://www.nfb.ca/film/canada_vignettes_logger/

We’re also presenting a tutorial on how to make your own puppet theater! Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to make a theater out of a shoe box and felt, and some logger puppets out of gloves.

For another treat…..

Puppet Theater Tutorial: Logging Edition

Make your own shoe-box puppet theater! Follow along with our Heritage Interpreters to learn how to make a miniature puppet theater using only a shoe box, felt, and glue, and a cast of characters using a glove.

Part I

Part II

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