Fashion Week

Discover the North Island’s unique historic wardrobe this Fashion Week – designed for practicality. From the beloved Cowichan sweater to rubber boots, this was West Coast fashion. 


Take a virtual peek into the Museum’s Collection and some of the design treasures that lie within. Learn about the practical uses for clothing and the stories behind the pieces that have been left behind. From fur coats to woolly faller’s trousers, there’s something for everyone!

This week’s Clothing colouring sheet features various clothing items in K’wakwala and English. Learn everyday words while having a bit of fun!


Puppet Show: Fred Nunns and the Willows Hotel

Fred Nunns doesn’t like that the Willows Hotel sells root beer so he plans on sabotaging it with the help of some vegetables. Will Mrs. Thulin be able to stop Fred Nunns in time?

Wilderness Wednesday

How to Make a Scarecrow Tutorial

For all you gardeners out there, this week’s tutorial is for you! Make your own scarecrow to scare away those pesky robins from your blueberry harvest – we all know they deserve to make it into a pie! Follow the link to learn more.


Fred Nunns and the Salty Cake

Fred Nunns and his horse Kate bakes a special cake to welcome Fred’s nephew, Alan Nunns, who has come to visit from Ireland. But Kate puts too much salt in the cake!

Feature Friday

Here are our film recommendations this week:

This concise film about Button Blankets comes to us from a collaboration between the National Film board and the Wapikoni Mobile Team. The documentary follows Button Blanket maker and teacher, Mia Hunt, and her making of a Blanket.

Written and directed by Métis filmmaker Christine Welsh, this is a story of courage and cultural transformation – a celebration of the threads that connect the past to the future.

A Tribute to the Cowichan Sweater

Learn more about the West Coast’s beloved woolen rain jacket in this article written by Beth Boyce.

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