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Steam Donkey

In the late 1800s, steam technology replaced horse and oxen hauling and increased logging production enormously. “Get rid of that dribbling pot and bring back ...
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Soyokaze (Gentle Wind)

This 37 foot cod fishing boat was built circa 1939 by the Kishi Boatworks in Steveston for Shigekazu Matsunaga of Quathiaski Cove. Built for a ...
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Thunderbird Bear Pole

The beautiful “Thunderbird Bear Pole” was inspired by a pole carved by Sam Henderson in the 1960s. This pole was carved by Sam’s son Bill ...
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1930 Hayes-Anderson Logging Truck

This truck is displayed in an outdoor exhibit at the Museum at Campbell River. It represents an important era in the progression of log hauling ...
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West Coast Garden

Winding paths lead through gardens containing 80 different species of plants native to the region; their succession of blooming times and subtle variety of flowers, ...
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