Photographers’ Week

June 8-14 on our Facebook Page we are talking about photographers!  Our archival photography collection tells us so much about our community’s past.  A large number of these photographs come from a small number of people.  Names such as Godfrey and May Baldwin, Henry Twidle, Elizabeth Quocksister and Francis and Amy Barrow may look familiar if you have ever taken the time to explore some of our photographs.  

Currently the photographic exhibit “Cover Stories” featuring work by the Baldwins is on display in our Changing Gallery.  Come see that exhibit for free this week as part of the Museum’s re-opening celebration.

Festival of Trees

december 3 to 30 at the museum

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and enjoy strolling through a gallery full of beautifully and uniquely decorated trees sponsored by local businesses. Make a wish on the wishing tree and celebrate this community tradition with family and friends.

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