Frequently Asked Questions - Visitor Services

The Archives Research Centre is on the lower level and is open from Tuesday to Friday, 1 – 4 pm, or by appointment. Megan Purcell is the Collections Manager, please email, or call the museum to make an appointment outside the regular opening hours.

Yes. To date (2019), there are no completed treaties with any of the First Nations of this area. For further information, you can learn more about where each nation is in the treaty process through their websites:

Many of the belongings on display in the First Nations Gallery are from local First Nations families’ who have asked that photographs not be taken or shared of their family pieces. Out of respect, and to keep things simple, we do not allow any photographs to be taken in that gallery space.

The trailhead to Ripple Rock is located approximately 8.5 kms north of Campbell River on Highway 19.  There is a viewpoint off on the highway before that.  The 8km hiking trail leads to a spectacular look out, but be sure you are prepared before heading out for this hike.,-125.3982765,14z

The schedule for the Museum’s Historic Boat Tours is usually prepared by early January. Please watch for information about this on our website or you are welcome to call Visitor Services at 250-287-3103. Reservations can be made over the phone or in person, or online.