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Collections Manager Megan Purcell holds the donation of a war time quilt that was made by Canadian women and sent to England.

Extraordinary Quilts that Bridged Nations in World War II

If objects could talk, this quilt would have an extraordinary tale, traveling thousands of kilometers to bring warmth to families in need. Our part of …

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How Does Your Garden Grow

The earliest written accounts of life on the coast, from the late 1700s, often refer to this area as being an “untamed wilderness.” The coast …

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1916 Empire Steam Donkey at the Museum

It’s an interesting story of how the Empire Steam Donkey came to the Museum. Manufactured in Vancouver in 1916, it was originally owned by P.B. …

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April 5, 1958 – Ripple Rock Explosion

“Old Rip” had menaced shipping for centuries claiming hundreds of lives…on April 5, 1958, the world’s largest non-nuclear peacetime explosion pulled Ripple Rock’s teeth forever.

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A new exhibit at the Museum at Campbell River called Keeping the Song Alive

Keeping the Song Alive

The Museum at Campbell River is pleased to be the first stop of a new traveling exhibit Keeping the Song Alive. Developed by the Bill …

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The Bee Hive Café – Serving Ice Cream and Scuttlebutt for over 70 years

“If you wanted to get the latest scuttlebutt, then you went over to the Bee Hive about coffee time” explained Mr. Waldref, who had a …

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Re-Naming British Columbia

In continuing our series exploring local place names, we wanted to take a closer look at the history of the name “British Columbia” in time …

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The Symbolism of the Flag on Canada Day

The Canadian flag has in the past been used to represent not only the country but also the government, and has been a symbol of …

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A Long Journey

The most recent exhibition at the Museum, Cecil Dawson: Standing in the Gap, has been many years in the making.  I am not referring to …

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Love Letters to a City

If you lived in Campbell River in the 1980s then no doubt you are familiar with the story of the Sundancer.  On the night of …

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